Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Small Readers: My kite is stuck and other stories by Salina Yoon

Salina Yoon returns with the second title in the Duck, Duck, Porcupine! series. Purple Porcupine, chatty Big Duck, and silent Little Duck play out a series of hilarious encounters in three short chapters.

In the titular story, "My kite is stuck!" Big Duck's kite get stuck in the tree. She and Porcupine throw up other things, which all stick too. However, Little Duck keeps the story from falling into a cliche as she brings some helpful things - a step stool and ladder. Unfortunately, Big Duck and Porcupine don't quite get it! The story ends with the two up in the tree, happily playing with their toys, and Little Duck's blank but somehow exasperated expression looking at the reader.

In the second story, Porcupine makes a new friend - a bee! But Big Duck isn't so sure that counts until she finds her own buggy friend. Next to find a bug is Little Duck - but she's not so excited! The third and final story finds Porcupine and Big Duck setting up a lemonade stand. But they've forgotten one key item! Fortunately, Little Duck has them covered, as usual.

Yoon's boldly colored illustrations are presented in full or half-page panels with thick, black lines delineating separating each panel. The text is all dialogue, contained in speech bubbles, but in a bold, large font. It's an easy reading level with simple text but the need to follow the action through both the dialogue and art gives an added dimension to the simple stories. I thought this one was even funnier than the first and I look forward to new additions to the series.

Verdict: I've had a very positive response for this new series in book club. While it's not as raucously funny (or well-known) as some of the other comic easy readers like Elephant & Piggie, it's a strong addition to any easy reader section and both children and adults enjoy reading them together. Recommended.

ISBN: 9781619638877; Published 2017 by Bloomsbury; Purchased for the library

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