Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Windows by Julia Denos

I've always loved Julia Denos' art and I was delighted with her first venture into authorship, Swatch. Now she ventures into new territory, writing the text for a new illustrator, E. B. Goodale.

A dark-skinned child takes their dog for an evening walk, before curling up for a bedtime story with their mother. Simple? Yes, but the beauty of this story lies in the lovely art and the smoothly flowing words.

Denos describes in loving detail the beauty of the evening neighborhood, "little windows lit up like eyes in the dusk," as seen through the windows of the apartments and houses on the street. Parties, television, or just sitting and reading, the child quietly admires the peaceful scene, greeting neighbors and enjoying their neighborhood settling down for the night.

Goodale's illustrations range from the sharp details in the windows - a tiny sewing machine, bird cages, families settling down for the evening - to the glowing colors of the sunset. Brownstones, blurred cars along the streets, a startled raccoon searching for dinner, and the softly brushed colors of flowers in the evening all contribute to a scene of quiet community.

Verdict: A lovely bedtime or storytime tale, perfect for quieting down after a day of busy activities or just enjoying the reflection of the evening's beauties together. This is not only a lovely melding of words and pictures, it may also inspire families to take an evening walk and see what their neighborhood has to offer. Recommended.

ISBN: 9780763690359; Published October 2017 by Candlewick; F&G provided by publisher

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