Monday, November 6, 2017

The Great Penguin Rescue: Saving the African Penguins by Sandra Markle

Kids are always interested in saving animals, especially if said animals are cute or fluffy. Sandra Markle continues playing on this popular theme in her latest science title.

Markle sets the scene with the plight of African penguins. Threatened by climate change, human incursion into their nesting sites, and overfishing, the rapid decline of colonies threatened the species survival. How could they be saved? Markle follows the careful scientific investigation and resulting attempts to save the penguin nesting sites along with the results.

Readers will not only get to follow a story of wildlife conservation (with lots of cute penguin photos) but also learn about the penguins themselves and the scientific methods used to investigate and stop the decline of their populations.

Markle's titles are always a quick pick for me when looking for book club nonfiction or recommending nonfiction to kids and teachers. They're well-written and researched, include excellent sources and back matter, and of course have a great layout and lots of cool photographs. I really like her two main series - wildlife conservation and scientific mysteries - and they circulate well in my library.

Verdict: Worth the extra $$ to purchase these library bound editions, they are sure to circulate regularly on any library shelf for years to come.

ISBN: 9781512413151; Published 2017 by Milbrook/Lerner; Purchased for the library

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