Saturday, November 4, 2017

This week at the library; or, November begins

What's Happening
I am tired. No school Monday or Tuesday. Huge crowds on Tuesday. 150 four year olds, teachers, and a class from the special education school came to Kohls Wild Theater on Wednesday. Still hadn't finished cleaning up the mess by Thursday. Good group for book club though. I didn't do much for the science fest - I was working on Candyland prep and a gazillion other things. I did spend a while carrying an ozobot going in circles around though. We had ozobots, spheros, a 3D printer, perler beads, and shrinky dinks. We also had some game developers and an astronomer from UW-Madison. I left at 5:30 to go join dinosaur fest at a local school. I was the reading corner. Got home around 9pm. Tired. Feet hurt.

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