Monday, December 18, 2017

Penguin day by Nic Bishop

Nic Bishop's stunning photographs, matched with simple, bold text tell an engaging story about a family of rockhopper penguins.

Exuberant photos show the rockhopper's dangerous journey through rocks, across sand, and finally reaching the ocean in their quest for food. But the excitement isn't over yet. They must avoid predators while hunting for food. Meanwhile, the fuzzy baby is hungry too and wanders off, looking for food. The baby penguin has some close calls, especially with a hungry skua, but the papa penguin protects the baby until mama penguin returns with her crop full of tasty fish.

The author's note goes beyond the simple narrative to explain the habits and behavior of the rockhoppers along with some further photographs. A note from Bishop explains about his process of photography and links to his website with additional photos.

Verdict: Penguins are always a popular topic and this is an excellent introduction for young children or beginning readers to explore the world of these tough little critters. Recommended.

ISBN: 9780545206365; Published 2017 by Scholastic; Purchased for the library

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