Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Small Readers: Bramble and Maggie: Snow Day by Jessie Haas, illustrated by Alison Friend

This series has been chugging along for several years in our library. It checks out regularly, is a strong favorite in book club, and a go-to for kids looking for intermediate books between easy reader and early chapter and those who like horses. I was surprised and pleased when I realized this was a new addition to the series.

Maggie is getting ready for the big snow storm. She knows that Bramble's thick coat will keep her warm but she and her family are checked everything they might need, like water and food. Right before the storm hits, Maggie runs out to check on Bramble and finds that her door is stuck a little bit open. She decides she's smart enough to stay in her stall and hurries back to the house. At first, Bramble does stay inside - those snowflakes tickle! - but eventually she starts feeling cramped. So she sets out to explore the storm! Bramble enjoys her solitary ramble, investigating tracks in the snow and staying warm and cozy under her thick coat. But when Maggie wakes up the next morning, not only can't they get their door open but she sees out the window that Bramble is missing! While Maggie and her dad try to get out of the house, Bramble also wakes up and starts searching for some food. With a little quick thinking on Maggie's part and some help from Bramble, soon not only is Maggie family out and about but they're helping their neighbors to dig out as well. The story ends with a cheerful gathering of neighbors and lots of love for clever Bramble!

Friend's cheerful spot illustrations show humorous Bramble and her best friend Maggie enjoying their adventure in the snow as well as their friendly neighbors. A heart-warming adventure for both horse-lovers and those who like a good winter story.

Verdict: A fun addition to a popular series, sure to please your intermediate readers. Recommended.

ISBN: 9780763673642; Published 2016 by Candlewick; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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