Saturday, February 24, 2018

This week at the library; or,

New cage set-up - inside a giant aquarium
Happening this week
I had a small but very, very, energetic group for Mad Scientists Club. We split the program room and brought in a teen parents group, so those kids plus kids of teachers, plus attendees. There was paper everywhere and lots of adorable small children laboring up the ladder to launch their gliding animals (or pieces of paper). We rehomed the gerbils. This was very exciting.

I did a bunch of different outreach this week. On Wednesday I visited the county special education school. Awesome kids, very big group, and this time I had the sense to schedule in some off time - my throat gets very sore b/c it's so loud! Then I visited a kindergarten class I haven't seen for quite a while. Instant gratification, since a lot of them showed up at the library after school the same day! Thursday I visited the three kindergarten classes at a school I almost never visit - they're quite close, but it just... doesn't happen? Anyways, the classes had subs and the kids were thrilled to see me for the first time since 4K and I tried out Library on the Go with the third class and it went really well! I brought a tub of Library on the Go books and bookmarks explaining how it worked and each kid picked an easy reader and a bookmark, I wrote down the barcodes (last 4 numbers of them), and they put them in their cubbies. I still had time to read a couple books!

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