Friday, March 30, 2018

Pug Pals: Two's a crowd by Flora Ahn

I admit that I don't really see the appeal of pugs; I'm not a fan of small dogs (except corgis, and I consider those big dogs with short legs) but if anyone was going to make me like pugs it would be Flora Ahn.

Sunny has an ordered, regular life. But something feels... wrong. She does her yoga, checks the neighborhood (why won't the neighbor dogs talk to her?), and arranges her toys. Then she finds out what's wrong... she's getting a new sister!

Rosy is small, and cute, and enthusiastic. Sunny hates her! Rosy takes her toys, chews on her legs, and just drives her crazy. Worst of all, she loses Bunny, Sunny's favorite toy! Sunny can't take it anymore and says some mean things before storming away. But when she comes back, Rosy is gone!

Sunny will have to suit up for adventure and rescue her new sister. Along the way, she'll discover that maybe Rosy isn't so bad - and she's got a new friend as well as a new sibling.

Ahn's charming, minimalist black and white illustrations really make this. Her dog legs (Sunny's "drumsticks") are hilariously cute and she perfectly captures the sulky older dog who is miserable at having her life interrupted and the exuberant little pup who just wants to play, play, play. Plump Sunny dressed for outdoor adventure with jacket and backpack is a charming sight and the simple line drawings will inspire children to try drawing their own pugs.

Verdict: If you are looking for more illustrated beginning chapter books, this sweet tale of sibling rivalry and reconciliation is sure to hit the sweet spot for readers and listeners alike. 

ISBN: 9781338118452; Published 2018 by Scholastic; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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DMS said...

This sounds like a book that my nieces and nephew will love. They love dogs, pugs, and most animals. Great for kids starting to read chapter books. Thanks for sharing your review.