Saturday, March 24, 2018

This week at the library; or, I meet the challenges

What's Happening
  • Monday
    • Nonfiction vendor meeting
    • Worked 12-8
  • Tuesday
    • Toddlers 'n' Books (2 sessions)
    • Lego Club
    • Battle of the Books District Battle
    • EL Summer Registration Outreach
    • Worked 8-8
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Books 'n' Babies
    • LOTG Outreach
    • Worked 10-6 (ok, then I took a hotspot home and kept working. but i also ate dinner!)
  • Friday
  • Saturday
This was a very challenging week.
 - Monday I was still dealing with the fallout from last week's incidents (I'm going to be stressing over this for a long time, trying to decide if I handled things the best way or not, but at least I finished writing all the incident reports, letters, etc.), plus a major collection development project, purchasing nonfiction. In general, I don't purchase prebound or from any vendors who cold call or email me. Most have learned to cross me off their lists before I move from "disinterest" to "active dislike." However, I have one nonfiction rep who covers ABDO, Bearport, Creative, and a couple other nonfiction companies. It's easier to order with her because she handles all the discounts and has a good knowledge of her stock and what is new (or coming soon) so I can tell her what subjects I need.
 - Tuesday was a very, very long day. I welcomed the District Battle of the Books (and distributed a LOT of flyers for the maker workshop on Friday), plus enjoyed seeing the kids using their breaks to race back and check out books instead of eating cookies! Then I had a desk shift, then Lego Club (although I admit that my teen aide mostly ran it. I stuck my head in once and there were about 50 people in there, which was totally unexpected! but she did a great job). I had an urgent project to finish - updating the staff schedule for April-May. About 5pm the EL families started showing up. They mixed with the Lego Club kids and it was Legos for all! Eventually the Lego Club kids left and then the EL teachers ordered pizza for the families and they and some high school volunteers helped them get signed up for summer school. We had probably at least 50 or more people there, which was awesome! I got a lot of kids interested in programs, which will mean their parents are more likely to come back. The high school volunteers were excited to hear about Anime Club too. I gotta say, teachers rock it much harder than I do! They're like "another 12 hour day, nbd" and I'm like "one 12 hour day, am on the verge of imminent collapse."
 - Wednesday my associate came to the rescue. She continued clearing up the destruction from the previous night (lots and lots of people, especially a lot who don't normally visit the library, means a big, awesome mess!), set up and filmed the last Winter Wigglers, and handled the large number of people who came in. I came in to work around noon - I had hoped to just take the whole day off after all the extra hours I've put in, but all the time I had to put in on the various incidents meant I had work that wasn't completed. I sorted and processed some of the nonfiction orders, went through all the Battle of the Books titles, finished weeding a couple stacks of picture books that have been behind my desk, cleaned up paperwork, finished a new storytime kit: Pizza Play, and stacked up staff recommendations for my staff while I'm gone next week.
 - Thursday I got back to work on the nonfiction orders, various minor details, planning, outreach, emails, and other stuff. I set up some more remote collections with a charter school and went through a bunch of new books. I also made a Library on the Go visit. Finished the second storytime kit I'd been working on, Nursery Play.
 - Friday I attended the youth services meeting with my intern. We had to leave early as we had programs. I ran around frantically collecting stuff for the maker workshop, which was a huge hit. People were reluctant to leave when we closed at 6, but eventually they did and we set up a little for tomorrow. Also I discovered that I had no brown paper lunch bags.
 - Saturday so I went and got some before work, but it turned out I didn't need them - we only had 30 people. Our spring break coincides with Easter and it's really early this year plus a bunch of places decided to have their egg hunts today. After this week I was very happy with 30 people. I finished a bunch of last minute things and left!

Vacation ho!

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