Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby: Go Baby! Go Dog! by Anne Vittur Kennedy

This silly board book will make parents smile and babies giggle.

Using the titular words, the baby chases the dog. The baby go, go, goes after the dog, who wakes up and go, go, goes away from the baby. They chase each other for a while until the dog successfully escapes the baby and goes back to her nap... whereupon the baby cries. The dog just can't take a sad baby, and the two end up curling up together for a nap.

Kennedy's cheerful blue and yellow background show up a crawling baby with a head of tousled red hair and a dog who just wants a little rest!

While some adults may be a little worried about babies chasing down a dog and sleeping on her, which is not at all safe dog behavior, most can enjoy the silly flavor of the story and the familiar negotiation between a pet who wants to be left alone and a baby who wants to play!

Verdict: A funny and light-hearted addition to your board book collection. Babies will enjoy finding the dog and baby in each picture while parents can appreciate the humor of the light plot.

ISBN: 9780807529713; Published March 2018 by Albert Whitman; Borrowed from another library in our consortium

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