Sunday, May 27, 2018

Library in a Box

We had a large amount of children's books left over from the booksale and I used them to start this outreach I've had in my mind for a while.

My associate covered paper boxes in duct tape and masking tape, I made a sign, and the boxes were packed!

I used donations, leftovers from the booksale, and weeded books to put together the boxes. I also added calendars, flyers, and Read and Grow or Reading Explorer folders. All of the books have a sticker on them that says "Read and share!" and a reminder to visit the library.

Basically, it's a Little Free Library, but it's curated. Each box is set up to fit the needs of the location and we'll be visiting and refilling each month. I've been filling shelves in the basement with books to add as needed. Right now I have three locations and a fourth in progress. These include our two 4k/preschools that are also year-round daycares and summer care locations and a family salon. The fourth location I am working on is a sort of club house by a lake in a rural area.

I have a long list of potential places, but these are the criteria I'm looking for:

  • Outside of town (not in walking distance of the library) but still within the environs of Elkhorn
  • Places that are regularly open all year round (I am thinking about schools, but later)
  • Community locations where kids and families gather
  • Ideally locations that target low-income and underserved families
I've tried a couple locations that didn't want a box, which was disappointing, but I haven't given up. I'm hoping to purchase sturdier boxes next year and continue to expand the program. This is primarily an awareness program; We don't get any circulation from this, but the flyers, labels, and reading folders will hopefully bring people in to the library.


Sandy Brehl said...

Jennifer, I’m one of those blog readers of your posts who reads, enjoys, admires, and sometimes gasps at the scope and depth of your services to you community.. and it’s not even MY community. I haven’t commented until now, but I want to thank you for creating such an important and innovative community service. I believe deeply that it will have a positive impact on many, but you may never get feedback about that. Continue anyway. Please. It’s about making books readily available”able, and you’ve found a terrific way to do that.
Thanks, on behalf of the many kids who will read from this program who would not have otherwise.

Jen Robinson said...

This is a really neat program, Jennifer! I hope it's a success in bringing people into the library.