Sunday, June 17, 2018

RA RA READ: Fantasy Adventure Graphic Novels

These are read-alikes for Kazu Kibuishi's Amulet and Jeff Smith's Bone series. Graphic novels with cinematic color, action and adventure, fantasy and magic.

Long-running or Complete Series
  • Three thieves by Scott Chantler
    • The Three Thieves series by Scott Chantler is an award-winning Canadian webcomic that is published in the US by Kids Can Press. The story is set in a quasi-medieval fantasy world and features a young acrobat and sometimes thief and her companions who are on a quest to discover the secrets of her family and to find her missing brother. Along the way they run into corrupt politicians, dangerous knights, and other people with their own secrets.
  • Courageous Princess by Rod Espinosa
    • The Courageous Princess by Rod Espinosa is a classic trilogy featuring a strong and determined princess, dragons, music, adventure, and magic. It's recently been reprinted and a third volume added. It's more in the fairy tale vein, but classic fantasy that kids, both boys and girls, will enjoy.
  • Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi
    • Kazu Kibuishi's popular Amulet series begins with a pair of siblings entering a strange, fantastical world and gets more serious as the series continues with magic, prophecies, wars, etc. Kids love the combination of magic and adventure and the art is cinematic and stunning.
  • Elsewhere Chronicles by Bannister and Nykko
    • The Elsewhere Chronicles by Bannister and Nykko are, I think, originally a French comic series. They introduce a group of friends who travel to a magical world that turns out to be more frightening than fantastic. They are a little harder sell because they are in a picture book format, but once you get kids into them they're fans.
  • Bone by Jeff Smith
    • Jeff Smith's classic series Bone has been around for a long time and could be said to have catapulted the graphic novel format for middle grade readers to popularity. The original graphic novel series consists of 9 titles. There are also several companion volumes and an illustrated prose series called Quest for the Spark. Bone is basically the story of a collection of animated cartoon bone characters that go on a journey. Along the way they encounter various friends and enemies.
New Series
  • Rapunzel's Revenge; Calamity Jack by Shannon Hale
    • These are roughly based on fairy tale characters, but take them to a whole new dimension. They are set in the wild west but include Rapunzel using her hair as a lasso, dwarves, monsters, giants (he is Jack the Giant Killer) and a little bit of romance.
  • The city on the other side by Mairghread Scott
  • Alabaster Shadows by Matt Gardner
Science Fiction that's closely related to fantasy adventure

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