Friday, July 6, 2018

Brownstone’s Mythical Collection: Marcy and the riddle of the sphinx by Joe Todd-Stanton

I am pleased that I’ve gotten several kids into Joe Todd-Stanton’s graphic novel/picture books. His art is lovely and he has a magical way of creating unique stories that capture the imagination. I loved his first book in the Brownstone series, Arthur and the Golden Rope, and now Arthur’s daughter, Marcy, returns with her own story.

To her father’s disappointment, Marcy doesn’t seem to have his curious mind and fearless interest in exploring. In fact, she’s afraid of the dark. But when Arthur disappears into an Egyptian tomb, Marcy digs deep to find courage and track down her father. She not only discovers fascinating aspects of Egyptian mythology, she also discovers that she can be brave when someone she loves is in danger.

The endpages are the first indication that here is something wonderful and delightful to the eye. Elaborate star maps, including symbols of Egyptian mythology and gods cover the pages. One then meets Professor Brownstone, chronicler of the mysterious and fascinating Brownstone family. Arthur, now “very old and far too portly” still looks quite limber, perched in a large, burnt orange chair and telling stories to a wide-eyed Marcy. With her father, Arthur’s adventures unfold in her mind’s eye; but, alone in her bed, they turn into frightening monsters.The art grows from there, as Marcy expands her horizons and explores to Egypt. There she encounters the mysterious world of the tomb where her father is trapped and then the sun boat of Ra himself. Golds, oranges, blues and yellows glow from the pages until, triumphant, Marcy returns home. There she stands, proud and brave, in her father’s big red chair and tells her own adventures.

Verdict: Fans of Joe Todd-Stanton and all those who enjoy mysterious and wonderful stories will find this beguiling to the eye and the mind.
ISBN: 9781911171195; Published 2017 by Flying Eye; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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