Tuesday, August 7, 2018

My pillow keeps moving! By Laura Gehl, illustrated by Christopher Weyant

Two fun creators - Laura Gehl, author of the Peep and Egg picture books and Weyant, illustrator of Anna Kang’s fun titles - team up to create something new and super silly.

A stray cat and dog are shivering sadly outside of The Pillow Place when a man walks in to get a pillow… and comes home with a very unusual pillow! It keeps wiggling around! But it IS soft and fluffy, so he can’t return it. The man tries to purchase a footstool and a warm jacket, but each time there’s something wrong. Finally, he realizes that this odd thing makes a better pet dog than a piece of furniture. And that gives the stray cat an idea… especially since the man needs a new hat!

Weyant’s cheerful colors and humorous faces evoke feelings of classic funny illustrators, especially Jack Kent and Syd Hoff, but his art has a charm all its own. The dog looks just enough like the pieces of furniture for kids to get the joke, but not so much that they can’t enjoy a laugh on a grown-up.

Verdict: A sweet, funny story with enough repetition to make it a favorite for toddler storytime and humor that’s just right for the preschool set. Recommended.

ISBN: 9780425288245; Published 2018 by Viking; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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