Saturday, August 25, 2018

This week at the library; or, and now I'm sick

  • Monday
    • Management meeting happened without me. I worked from home on reports and went in about 2 hours late, got through some of the piles on my desk, covered the info desk 5-8pm.
  • Tuesday
    • Craft-o-rama
    • I was supposed to have an outreach today but thankfully it was cancelled.
    • I took the pee-soaked cushion cover to the dry cleaners and went in to work around 10. I had a project to finish, but my head was hurting so bad I went home a bit after five and finished it at home.
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Worked 11-7. ish.
  • Friday
    • Worked 2-5. ish.
  • Saturday
I developed a lovely sinus infection over the weekend, which just tells me I should never take any time off. My temp staff are leaving this week, and I am very grateful the outreach I was going to do on Tuesday didn't pan out because I was not up to it. Also placed approximately 400 books on hold and I really, really, really wish the blanket hold option worked in our OPAC! (I'm not exaggerating. 250 for an outreach coming up in September, 100 for a book club, and 50 misc.)

I haven't updated my Storytime Extras blog in, well, years since I use a pretty small selection of rhymes etc. However, I'm now training my associate to take over some outreach so I have been updating!

Years ago I saw a library that had a "menu of services." I think it might have been Abby the Librarian? Anyways, I wanted it. After much labor, I have my own quarterly newsletter, complete with sections on our services etc. I am very proud of it!

I also completed the preschool STEM calendar through December. If you want a publisher document you can adapt, email me at jwharton(at)

Now I have a WHOLE WEEK with no programs! Then school starts the first week of September and I have two outreach visits and book club.

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