Saturday, August 11, 2018

This week at the library; or, Last week of summer reading

Staff and volunteers setting up in the gardens
What's Happening at the Library
Last week of summer reading, working on a major new marketing project for next fall, processing applications for open positions, planning fall outreach, and lots more. I need new tires. My feet hurt. It never ends. Note that when I say "last week of summer reading" as most children's librarians will understand, this means "last week of summer reading" for the rest of the staff, not my department. We still have a backlog of work, set aside during the summer, another huge chunk of work to plan fall, prizes to distribute for another 2-3 weeks, drop-in programs and outreach, clean-up and inventory from the summer programs and heavy traffic, not to mention regular work. Say something nice to your children's librarian. Better yet, write them a good review, specifically mentioning them by name, on their library's facebook page or send it to their supervisor!

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