Saturday, September 1, 2018

This week at the library; or, Taking a break

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

No programs or outreach this week. I only have about six hours on the information desk, although many staff are gone on vacation or at outreach for the county fair so I expected (and was not disappointed) to be interrupted frequently.

Projects for this week
 - finishing staff scheduling through December
 - planning upcoming programs and outreach
 - working through nonfiction inventory list, claims-lost list, figuring out if there is actually any budget left (there isn't)
 - supervising the last aide standing in repairing the depredations of summer and a week of volunteers shelving
 - researching grants for a Little Free Library in a low-income area outside of town. Mostly trying to find out who to ask about zoning. (didn't actually get to this)
 - school newsletter, contacting teachers, following up on various discussions
 - refilling, cleaning, and redoing maker kits and storytime kits
 - placing holds, sorting, and packing hundreds of books for the start of school

It's all worth it when I can help teachers get the year started with their classrooms looking like this!
Our schools have AWESOME libraries, but of course they are crazy busy, esp. since they teach classes
pretty much all day. So I'm happy to supplement! This school just had their library redone and I'm guessing it's
not ready for browsing yet, so I filled in!

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