Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby: Into the forest by Laura Baker and Nadia Taylor

This board book is created by layered, die-cut pages to show a busy, colorful forest.

The first strip shows a family of playful foxes and a scurrying squirrel, looking for Mama. In the next strip, about half the book-height, the squirrel meets a bear cub and her mother. The next strip, almost full-size, introduces squirrel to a deer family as well as some frogs. The second-to-last spread shows an almost full-size spread with a family of bunnies amid a forest of popsicle-shaped trees. In the last spread, the squirrel meets her family and all the forest creatures reappear.

The colorful, simple shapes show a bright, cozy forest. Textures from dots to lines, leaf-shaped to stripes, cover the pages adding an additional sensory dimension.

The die-cut pages are thick and sturdy, although the binding is not as tight as I'd hope. Unless a kid goes waving it around by one page (which they are apt to do) it should last well.

Verdict: The text is rather bland, but the art is attractive and babies and toddlers will enjoy the sensory experience of touching the pages as well as identifying the animals.

ISBN: 9781419733543; Published 2018 by Harry N. Abrams; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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