Sunday, April 21, 2019

You are light by Aaron Becker

Technically this is a board book, but it's a more complex concept than the average board book. However, it's not really a picture book either, since it has the traditional format, in some ways, of a board book.

The die-cut circles on the cover are repeated throughout the book, with some blank and some having colored, thin vinyl behind them. The colors shift throughout the book, so you get a different set of colors as you hold it up to the light. The pattern of die-cut shapes in the center of the cover are repeated in flame-like colors throughout the book. The accompanying text at first seems poetical, but a more careful read shows that it actually takes readers through the water cycle and how light effects it.

The text is abstract and the light plastic coverings on the individual circles probably won't stand up to vigorously poking little fingers. However, it's a lovely book with rich language and a unique design that will attract kids of a variety of ages.

Verdict: While I don't often suggest buying "novelty" books, this one is so beautiful and overall much more sturdy than, say, a pop-up book, that I think it's worth purchasing for use in art programs especially

ISBN: 9781536201154; Published March 2019 by Candlewick Studio; Review copy provided by publisher; Donated to an art teacher to use in her classes

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