Saturday, May 25, 2019

This week at the library

Happening at the library
  • Monday
    • Paws to read
    • Open Storyroom
    • Managers' meeting
  • Tuesday
    • Library on the Go: Jackson after school (geology)
    • Sewing Workshop: Quilts
    • Teen sewing club
    • What's next (teens)
  • Wednesday
    • Vendor meeting
    • Cataloging training
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Worked 41.5 hours; 7 hours on desk; 8 programs
  • The rescheduled quilt workshop was interesting. Two adults, who both started quilts with kits put together for us by a Friends member. A parent and small child (almost 4) who stopped by last week came in. The kid decided the sewing machines were a bit scary and they'd rather arrange the quilt pieces and supervise their parent. They'll come back later to finish it as the parent was new to sewing. Third grader who's a library regular wandered in and quickly caught on, sewing some excellent straight seams and making two cushions. Finally, a middle schooler wanted to try something and successfully made a small bag. There are new kids at the teen sewing club, but they all seem to be working together fine. The What's next young adults weren't interested in sewing, but did make some very clever duct tape items.
  • 1st graders stopped by for storytime (The Panda Problem and Misunderstood Shark) and to check out books.
  • I was totally going to leave early.... sometime... this week. That didn't happen alas. Instead I ended up working several more hours at home. Oh well.

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