Wednesday, May 27, 2009

World of Quest by Jason Kruse

When I arrived at my library last year, the graphic novels consisted of a few shelves in the young adult area, some classic comics and a volume of Sandman in the adult nonfiction, and a couple Babymouse books in the juvenile fiction. Now, after one year, we still have a couple shelves in the young adult area, but that's because most of them are checked out! We also have a nice long shelf of juvenile graphic novels. But the collections are still very small and need lots of tender love and care to help them grow. So, I've been looking for more graphic novels, especially for the juvenile collection (I have a long list for young adult, I just don't have enough money!). One of our newest acquisitions was....

World of Quest 1 and 2 by Jason Kruse. It was casually mentioned, on a school librarian's blog I think, as popular so I got them for us....Pros: Lots of bright, sharp color, wacky humor, two protagonists that are, as the jacket flap proclaims "Conan the Barbarian and Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes" and lots of mucus.

Cons: the story seems to start in the middle of nowhere and it's not until you read the list of characters at the back that you know what some of it's about. However, that can be solved by lots and lots of future issues! I've only had these for a few weeks and they've gone out a couple times already, so it looks like they'll be winners!

Verdict: This is an updated verdict...These have been HUGELY popular. I've never had a kid ask about the animated movies, but they read these to pieces - literally. Sadly, there are no hardback or library bound editions available (and volume 2 is out of print completely) so I have had to reluctantly let these go as the cost of replacing them every few months is too much.

ISBN: 978-0759524026; Published November 2007 by Yen Press; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library; Weeded due to condition, would purchase instantly if offered in hardback!

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AussieT said...

If you would like to try suitable teenage/adult fiction of an international variety, look at Dangerous Days: The Autobiography of a Photojournalist by Australian author J. William Turner, and published in the USA by Eloquent Books via without obscene language, it is rites-of-passage action and adventure set in various parts of Australia and England