Friday, May 9, 2008

Being Bindy by Alyssa Brugman

Up till now, Bindy's life has been ok. She had a best friend, Janey, who was practically like a sister, she lived with her easygoing Dad, and her brother Kyle wasn't too big of a pain. But suddenly, everything is changing. Janey is no longer her best friend, Dad is dating Janey's mom Liz, and Bindy's workaholic and absent mother is trying to get back into her life. And then there was the Very Worst Day at school. Followed by an Even Worse Day at school. And Bindy makes some surprising discoveries about her family and friends.

I really sympathized with Bindy's character - she's always the one asked to compromise, to forgive, to move on. Other people have "issues" that seem to entitle them to special treatment, although they're not flatly stereotyped characters, but do show depth and change. Bindy gets angry but always calms down and gets up and keeps going. While it may not be much consolation to her now, in the future she's probably going to have a better life - and fewer ulcers - than the others. So there. (Yeah, I felt strongly about Bindy)

Verdict: Kids that feel like everything's happening to them and no one cares will appreciate Bindy's low-key drama. I enjoyed reading it, but have no major regrets that it's out of print.

ISBN: 978-0385732949; Published April 2006 by Delacorte; Borrowed from the library

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