Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Big Smith Snatch by Louise Jane Curry

Going retro for the moment....this story was quite different from most of Jane Louise Curry's books I've read. My favorites of hers are her stories of Mindy, which are sort of magic science meets the Borrowers and her mysteries. This is a mystery, but mostly a kidnapping one.

A family with a large number of children are in a rather sticky spot - Dad has gone from California back to the east coast for a possible job and they haven't heard from him in a long time. Their money is running out and their mother is pregnant and sick. When she collapses, all of the children except the oldest girl get picked up by social services. They manage to stay together, but just when they're congratulating themselves on the trick they played to keep from being separated, they begin to realize that the foster family they're with may not be as nice as they seem and they're in more trouble than ever. It takes their older sister, a former bag lady, and some frightening adventures before the family is reunited and all is well again.

Verdict: An interesting story, but it won't replace my favorite Currys.

ISBN: 978-0689504785; Published September 1989 by Margaret K. McElderry; Borrowed from the library

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