Saturday, April 9, 2011

This week at the library; or, I brought back a cold from Ikea

Well, technically the cold was already here. I'm pretty sure I got it from our adult svs librarian. Curse you Angela! But I soldiered on, comforted by the thought of my butterfly wall stickers and robin's egg blue small pitcher. I like Ikea!

  • Really, really didn't feel like doing the marbleized paper craft for today as it was messy and fairly involved, but it's on all the flyers so I had to. I used the instruction on I purchased roasting pans at Walmart and we used the pans and the plastic covers (which smelled really, really musty and I had to turn on the fan). I had baby food jars donated by Miss Pattie for an upcoming craft and we used those to mix the oil and food coloring, poured it in, and dipped our paper. I was really glad only 3 kids showed up, b/c it was very involved and messy. My two younger girls were too impatient and aggressive with the mixing, my one older girl got better results.
  • Suddenly remembered yesterday that "book club is still a week or two away" was no longer true and I had better skim through the book again and write out some questions!
  • Too late. I went to bed early on Monday and didn't get up until 10:30 on Tuesday so...anyways, we had 6 girls and only 3 had read Spellbinder by Helen Stringer - a fourth started it and said it was too slow. BUT, several of them checked it out to listen to or read! Our book clubs are kind of futuristic. We had lots of fun, ate lots of candy, and had a free for all over my new books. I really gotta think of a way of distributing my ARCs fairly. Suggestions? Maybe I should throw names in a box or something. Or label them so they come back to the library, although half the girls go to the same school and wanted to KEEP the book, not give it away. Anyways, everybody got one or two free books and checked out a couple too. Only my really voracious nearly 15 reader was interested in the Celtic and Welsh mythology books I'd brought and she took both of Rosemary Sutcliff's gorgeous retellings. We're doing Wee Free Men next and I think blue face paint may be involved...
  • Only 35 people at Lego Building Club - the weather is warmer, but rather cloudy and heavy and everyone felt kind of blah. It just wasn't a particularly creative day.
  • Had an abnormally large group - 23 - for storytime, but, of course, also still have a cold to which allergies are now being added. Curse you, mountain cedar! Too bad I wasn't too frogs or bears, since I had a nice growl going. We practiced our Jim Gill song, then read Eeeek Mouse! by Lydia Monks which was a huge hit, then we stood up and worked our way through the actions in Mouse was Mad by Linda Urban, then we read Bonnie Becker's A Visitor for Bear. Some of the younger ones were getting wiggly, but most of the kids were spellbound and thought it was hilarious every time the mouse popped up again. We made mice out of spoons - I had plastic spoons, fabric, paper, and ribbon scraps, markers, and I handed out glue dots and scissors and the kids had a lot of fun!
  • Am very pleased that I finally finished making registrations for all my summer events. Don't they look nice?
Friday - Saturday
Nothing much on Friday...we're looking at Freegal music downloads for the library. We're pretty sure the only people still checking out cds are just burning them anyways. Except the kid's music - quite a few people still check that out to listen in the car. Kid's formats always lag behind, I think. I'm working Saturday and I'm going to tempt fate and assume nothing will happen and I'll get all my fall 2011 programs onto the calendars...

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