Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bawk and Roll by Tammi Sauer, illustrated by Dan Santat

This sequel worked much better for me than the first book, Chicken Dance. I thought the first one was hilarious and would be great in storytime, but it turned out I wasn't the only one who missed the pop culture references and most of the kids just didn't get it. I think this one will work much better.

Marge and Lola, having won a talent contest in the previous book (recapped in photos on the title page) are off on tour with Elvis Poultry! At their first stop, McDoodle's Barnyard however, Marge and Lola freeze up. They try everything, but nothing works and they flop at barnyard after barnyard. They're about to be sent home when they remember what's most important and know just what they're missing and on their next stop at Dale's Dairy Farm, they moooove the cows - and Elvis Poultry too.

In glorious technicolor with sparkles everywhere they can be put, the chickens faint, flop and finally dazzle their way through this silly romp with a gentle reminder that performers need friends and fans too. Dan Santat's chickens and other barnyard animals are delightfully blocky and exuberant and the design of the book makes all the jokes moooove perfectly.

Verdict: You don't need the previous book to get started on this one and I think it will work well in storytimes. [Update: Yep, this one worked very well in preschool storytimes for both kids and parents]

ISBN: 9781402778377; Published April 2012 by Sterling; Review copy provided by publisher; Purchased for the library

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