Saturday, October 6, 2012

This week at the library; or, New and Relaxed Librarian. Sort of.

Nominate for Cybils! Only a week left!

  • Homeschool meeting, Monday at 10. This is the new "hands off" group that is going to use the library to meet. I wasn't here, but I hear it went well and lots of people came. They're going to meet regularly at the library. I hear they were a little noisy, but that's easily remedied with a polite reminder to use library voices! (personally, I don't care about noisy - or moms hanging out to chat - but I'm not there)
  • 1st grade visits, Tuesday and Wednesday at 9am Tour, read The Three Ninja Pigs (a little worried about the use of "butt" but no complaints), Goldilocks and the three dinosaurs, and Elephant and Piggie Let's Go for a drive. We decorated giant gingerbread people afterwards and most of them made ninjas.
  • 2nd grade visits, Tuesday and Wednesday at 1pm Tour, I took one class to the basement, most of them have had the standard tour by now! read Creepy Carrots, Big Mean Mike (agh! horrible rip in my new book that some idiot mended with PACKING TAPE), Goldilocks and the three dinosaurs, and Let's go for a drive. Gingerbread people afterwards. Wednesday group was a pretty tough one and they didn't get to see the basement, but they enjoyed the stories.
  • Preschool Interactive, Wednesday at 10 Some old friends back - no 4k today.
  • Messy Art Club, Thursday at 3:30 New and relaxed librarian was not relaxed - tons of people showed up, we ran out of pumpkins, I had to scrub paint off the floor (one little girl did tell another "that's not the custodian, that's the librarian!" could have fooled me, kid) and I am going to A. never do paint in the community room again and B. institute registration starting in the winter session.
  • We Explore Outdoors, Friday at 10 Ah, a program I did not have to plan! Barb Converse from the Ice Age Trail Alliance came over to walk through the library with me on Monday and we discussed ways and means of doing her program - We're going on a mammoth hunt. She also set up an awesome display in the lobby. She came early Friday morning with three helpers and set up, and we went on a mammoth hunt through the library. It was AWESOME. About 35 people came, there was tons of stuff to touch, and the giant mammoth costume was a huge hit.
Random Commentary
  • Not sick! Determined to release guilt, relax, and walk every day. Now worrying that I am not relaxed enough...
  • Storywagon committee on Tuesday. We chose a number of tentative performers, 4 top choices and some backups if they're not available. We also revised the reading log for the summer and decided to use my teen review sheet. Yay me! Realized afterwards that I need to revise it to be more general and less library-specific.
  • Got lured into being the on-call staff person for the Friends Book Donation Drive.
Approximate Hours This Week
  • Monday 12-8
  • Tuesday 8:45-5
  • Wednesday 8:50-4:10
  • Thursday 8:45-6
  • Friday 9:30-6
  • Saturday 9:45-1
  • Lunch every day AND vegetables and fruit! Still working on sticking to 40 hours...will work on cutting back on work from home at a future point.

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