Monday, August 26, 2013

Nonfiction Monday: Ocean Counting by Janet Lawler, photographs by Brian Skerry

National Geographic has been doing a lot of nonfiction for kids in the past few years and I've started buying more of their titles for the youngest ones. Their colorful, simple photographs are very attractive although sometimes the text is a bit hit or miss.

This is a companion to the African Animal Alphabet book they put out a while ago and it has,  obviously, ocean creatures and counting.

Each page has a large-format number, headline text naming the animal, a few simple sentences with a question, and a smaller "did you know" box with a fact. The questions range from counting suggestions to more open-ended discussion starters.

Like all National Geographic's work, the photographs are fabulous and have a surprising variety for a simple counting book. The hammerhead sharks are shown in shadowy profile, some fish are shown against a stark blue background, while other creatures are in their environment; weeds, coral, etc. The book ends with two pages showing the animals in columns - you can count from 1-10, and then 10-1 on the facing page. There is a spread that gives brief facts about each animal including habitat and food. There's a note from the photographer and a map with a key to find the various animals. There are some counting activities with this, but they're not as good as the basic book. The final page has a brief glossary and more resources.

Verdict: This is a great book for young kids to browse and definitely for storytime. I like the different levels you can read it on; basic counting for the very young toddler, read the simple text for young preschool, and read the additional facts for older kids. Recommended.

ISBN: 9781426311161; Published 2013 by National Geographic; Purchased for the library

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Resh said...

As always Nat Geo does it again. I absolutely love their Non Fiction collection of readers and both DD and I don't seem to get enough of these :)
Thanks for sharing at Non Fiction Mondays!