Sunday, July 5, 2015

Read 'n' Play

There were toys at my library when I came, seven years ago (I am getting ooooold). However, there were rather...dingy. I've built up the collection over the years to more than 60 toys, almost all narrative/imaginative play. Puppets and books, costumes, etc. I've been wanting to take this collection in a slightly more focused direction and when I saw on ALSC the idea for Early Literacy Boxes, I decided that was a good starting point.

I received $200 from our local VIP Aktion Club, which generally gives us a small grant every year. I try to spend this on tangible items for the children's area, so they can see their donations at work! The money went towards purchasing toys and board books for 12 sets. I purchased the toys from Ikea and a local store, Learning Shop. The library supplied bags, processing, and I put together early literacy tip sheets for each bag, which I laminated.

You can see my Read 'n' Play sheets here. Email me if you would like the publisher file! I debuted the bags at our baby storytime and they've been available for about two weeks. 10 of the 12 are checked out and half of them have circulated twice!

We also put the sheets into a notebook, so people can look through and see what toys we have. Next, I'm planing to tackle the main toy collection, replace as needed since some things have gotten very worn, and add imaginative play suggestion sheets.


Pattyannie said...

Hello, I would love a copy of your read and play. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Sure! Send me an email at jeanlittlelibrary(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll send you the file on Monday.

Katie Fitzgerald said...

I love these! I wish my local library would do something like this.