Friday, June 17, 2016

Stella and the night sprites: Knit-Knotters by Sam Hay, illustrated by Turine Tran

This new Branches series shows that even something that looks "fluffy" can be both fun and well-written.

Stella is a little worried about getting new glasses - especially when her mom says she has to get a haircut too! Will anyone recognize her if she looks so different? When she stops to help a sweet but strange lady, something happens to her glasses and she starts seeing....odd things. Fairies! Soon Stella discovers where those knots in her hair are coming from and that her glasses aren't just ordinary anymore!

Simple black and white illustrations convey a feeling of sparkle and fun throughout the story, as well as illustrating Stella's moods. The fairies are dainty and sparkly, but have personalities. Stella's everyday worries, combined with the addition of a little fairy magic, make a delightful story that fairy fans will enjoy.

Verdict: This story is simple but the writing flows smoothly, the dialogue is crisp and although the story isn't particularly original it's presented in a fresh and engaging way. A great addition to my library's collection of Branches titles.

ISBN: 9780545819985; Published 2016 by Scholastic; Purchased for the library

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