Saturday, October 21, 2017

This week at the library; or, It's finally fall and just in time for winter

A mouse! In my window sill! I shall call her Thomasina
What's happening
 - Another busy week! OPtions is a virtual charter school - I reported on their library field trip and mentioned some ways we could potentially collaborate next year - library garden, etc. Only 23 people at Mad Scientists Club. The weather is gorgeous and everyone is outside before winter hits! Also, I'm behind on publicity and outreach so haven't been connecting with as many kids. Still, the kids had an awesome time, mostly playing with the "real" marble run I keep in the library. I had a marketing meeting with my associate on Wednesday - eventually she'll take over the marketing, but she's still in training. It's a lot to learn! I left early on Wednesday and went on an epic journey to Walmart to use up the last of the supply budget. I had a very involved group on Thursday. They didn't necessarily want to talk about their book club books, but they very definitely wanted to discuss the books that they liked. These were all 5th graders and most are very busy with school so I didn't get a lot of books taken, but everyone took at least one! 
 - Friday I came in early for a big field trip from the special education school. We were trying something new with this size of group - about 30 kids - but it went pretty well. I took them on a brief tour through the children's area, then we read Go away big green monster (which they LOVED) and The Squeaky Door. They decorated gingerbread men (no particular reason, I just had a bunch of them) and put pennies in the wishing well on their way out. We're planning more field trips in the future and maybe having them attend some programs. One important note to remember for next time - I forgot that these kids are tall enough to push open the crash bar to the outside and inquisitive enough to do just that! I will need to put a barrier in front of it next time! I had a heavy stream of holds and requests to deal with and then the last program! My last sewing machine workshop was great - 2 people finished projects from last time, 2 tried some different things, including more pillows, 2 came in with partially finished projects which they completed, and 2 teens wandered over from middle school madness and fiddled around a bit. I really like the machine that was donated to us and I foresee many happy sewing days ahead (including finishing the hem on one project!). Now if only I can figure out where on earth I put all that fusible webbing...

Book Explosion Choices
Titles I haven't read yet
  • Crack in the sea by H. M. Bouwman
  • Defender of the realm by Mark Huckerby
  • Beanstalker by Kiersten White
  • If the magic fits by Susan Schmid
  • Moon princess by Barbara Laban
  • Prisoner of ice and snow by Ruth Lauren
  • Spirit hunters by Ellen Oh
  • Dash of dragon by Heidi Lang
  • Frogged by Vivian Vande Velde
  • Toads and diamonds by Heather Tomlinson

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