Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda is really strange

This is a really...different book. Presented as a series of short stories by different students with commentary by the narrator, Tommy, and his "friend" Harvey, each story focuses on advice given by an origami Yoda finger puppet. Dwight, the boy who made and sort of, maybe, they're not sure, controls Yoda, is a total loser and extremely weird. But the advice Yoda gives isn't that bad. Sometimes it's good. Is the Yoda real or is Dwight not as dumb as he seems?

On the one hand, the story is disjointed and confusing, the ending pat, and the various characters never really emerge as real people. On the other hand, kids may relate to the angst and confusion of middle school, and the various characters' problems. Some kids will be attracted by the Yoda motif, others could care less. Reluctant readers may be interested in the short, choppy chapters, but the childish cartoon art isn't particularly appealing.

So, basically, like narrator Tommy who isn't sure if Yoda is real or not - I'm not sure if Yoda is worth reading or not.

Which pretty much sums up the whole "yes no maybe" feel of the book.

[Update: It grew on me and the tweens love it - I'm now a fan]

ISBN: 978-0810984257; Published March 2010 by Amulet; ARC provided by publisher at ALA


Ms. Yingling said...

I actually REALLY liked this one. I had to put myself in the place of a Captain Underpants or Wimpy Kid reader, who wouldn't be bothered by the choppy chapters or the pat ending, but I did like this one. Maybe I was just really tired!

middle grade ninja said...

I'm going to have to check this book out. Sounds like fun!