Friday, February 5, 2021

Small Persons With Wings by Ellen Booraem

[Originally published in 2011. I just noticed that Booraem has a new book coming out, so I thought I'd revisit this favorite.]

Mellie had a magical secret until the day it disappeared and everything's been downhill from there. Nobody told Mellie that the Small Person With Wings was a secret that shouldn't be shared. Nobody warned her what would happen if she told. But she did. Now her friend is gone, school is a misery, she has no friends, and she realizes in first grade that not even her parents believe her. That's it. No more imagination for Mellie! Unfortunately, she can't get rid of her past, and she has resigned herself to being "fairy fat" for the rest of her school career.

Then her nasty alcoholic grandfather dies, her parents inherit his rickety inn and bar, and Mellie has hopes that 8th grade in a new town will be different...until she sees the drunken fairy. Oops, Small Person With Wings. Suddenly, all her scientific, mathematical facts aren't so helpful. She has to deal with enchanted clocks, a really nasty illusion curse, the annoying boy next door, and lots and lots of Small Persons With Wings. Will she finally grow into the grandeur her mother has been promising her, or will she be useless and friendless fairy fat forever?

Things I loved about this book:
  • I flipped it open at my desk to skim it and suddenly found I had read half of it. It was that enticing.
  • Mellie's weight is neither ignored nor made into the main issue of the book (except on the cover. God forbid publishers should show a stomach that's not svelte).
  • No romance. When her new friend Timmo tries out a kiss, Mellie doesn't suddenly discover that he's really cute and the kiss, although awkward is wonderful....I love Mellie's reaction. Just. So. Perfect.
  • Mellie is prickly. Mellie is tough. Mellie is growing into her grandeur. Mellie is my favorite character in a long time. Go Mellie!
  • Okay, I love all those little fairy houses at the end. It's the fascination of the miniature! I wrote a paper on it! It was very scholarly!
Revisited: Sadly, this is out of print, but if you're lucky enough to still have a copy, hang onto it! 

Verdict: Must, must, must have this for your library. Highly recommended.

ISBN: 9780803734715; Published January 2011 by Dial; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library


Charlotte said...

Yay for little fairy houses!

KateCoombs said...

Oh, isn't this good? You're reminding of why I liked it so much!

Playing by the book said...

Sounds like lots of fun. Thanks for joining the carnival with this post.

Test said...

I still have it. Doesn't circulate super well, so it's in decent condition!

Jennifer said...

I am both pleased and sad at that!

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction said...

This sounds lovely. I especially love the fact that Mellie's weight is neither ignored nor focused on. That's refreshing (and must have been even more so in 2011).

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction