Saturday, October 8, 2011

This week at the library; or, Yay Fall!

Monday - morning on the desk, left early for a committee meeting on Storywagon. Our consortium used to have grants to supply 4 summer performers to every library in two counties. Then we had 3. Now we are all clubbing together to take part of the costs and the consortium is scrambling for grants to cover the rest. Le sigh. Anyways, we figured out the three people we want this summer (although half our committee has left for other jobs in the last month). Came back for our own library's staff meeting, much discussion of our library survey (people always ask for evening and weekend programs, but they never come!) and changes we're making to the library layout.

Exciting news! I am an official reviewer for No Flying No Tights! Look! For really and truly! I am excited! Also somewhat terrified! It's like being asked to play with the cool kids (-:)

Tuesday - I'm not sure what happened to today. Work was definitely done, but I can't remember any individual moments. It was crazy.

Wednesday - Storytime + back pain = not fun. Kinda meh. Lego Club is slowly growing back. Slowly, slowly...

Thursday Quiet evening, cleaning out papers. Baby storytime is erupting and we have to do something about it. Right now, I think we're going to move tables so there's more room.

Friday Half day since I'm working tomorrow. More meetings.

Saturday It was Saturday. Nothing much to add, other than that it's HOT. It's not supposed to be hot in Wisconsin.

In other news, I am putting my flannel boards online on Picasa, you can see the slideshow below. Only one so far, but more soon I hope!

Flannel Boards

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