Friday, November 25, 2011

Anna Hibiscus' Song by Atinuke, illustrated by Lauren Tobia

Anna Hibiscus stars in her own picture book! After several great beginning chapter books, the team of Atinuke and Lauren Tobia have created a lovely and joyous picture book.

Anna Hibiscus is happy, so so happy! She goes to each member of her family in turn, asking what they do when they are happy and is invited to join in squeezing hands, pounding yams, turning somersaults, dancing and more. Anna Hibiscus' joy grows until she finds her own special happiness activity - singing!

The simple, joyful text celebrates the everyday happiness of life, while Lauren Tobia's illustrations show an exciting world very different from that of American children, but still full of special places to go and things to do, and loving families.

Children and parents will want to think about their own happy things to do and explore the simple, uncomplicated happy things in life like spending time with family, singing and dancing, after reading this exuberant tribute to family.

Verdict: This picture book is a great introduction to the wonderful world of Anna Hisbiscus. Kane Miller is now a subsidiary of Usborne, so librarians and parents will want to either order direct from Usborne or Kane Miller, or purchase a like-new copy on Amazon, since this book may not be available through your usual vendor. Definitely worth a little extra effort though!

ISBN: 9781610670401; Published August 2011 by Kane Miller; Review copy provided by publisher

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