Monday, March 19, 2012

Nonfiction Monday: Dolphins in the navy by Meish Goldish

It's not often I find a children's nonfiction book that offers completely new information to me, but I had never heard of dolphins in the Navy before and found it completely fascinating.

The story opens with the real-life work of a dolphin named K-Dog, who finds sea mines for the navy. Goldish then explains how dolphins use echolocation to locate people and mines underwater and how the Navy uses these skills and trains and cares for the dolphins. There is a section included on controversies about using dolphins in the military and the possibilities of someday replacing them with robots.

Further information gives facts about dolphins in the wild, a glossary, index, and bibliography as well as links to additional information on the publishers' website.

Verdict: This is a sample of what Bearport does best; high-interest subjects (animals and military) with a new twist, offering new angles or surprising facts. I can see this series, America's Animal Soldiers, being a big hit. Recommended!

ISBN: 9781617724510; Published January 2012 by Bearport; Review copy provided by publisher; Purchased for the library


Books4Learning said...

I love Bearport books. I have not read this series yet. Thanks for the suggestion.

GatheringBooks said...

One of my soul sisters is deeply into dolphins. I have a feeling that this would be a perfect present for her. Thanks for sharing this. :)