Saturday, March 24, 2012

This week at the library; or, the Burgeoning of Storytime

Monday - rather to my surprise, despite it being a no-school day, I actually managed to finish the April publicity while on the desk this morning. Then I drove out to our systems office to discuss grants and other stuff with our ys consultant. Devoted some time to pondering my egg craft - I bought styrofoam eggs and we're going to paint them, but I want to string them on fishing line or something first so the kids don't get paint all over their hands. I don't have a needle long enough...I could make the hole with a hat pin (yes, I own several hatpins. I'm just waiting for the right hat. I have yet to find somewhere that makes them to fit over a thick bun) but then how to thread the line through?

Tuesday - Our storytimes are overflowing and we have to do something about it! I am collecting gazillions of thoughts and ideas and we'll have a meeting and start implementing changes in the summer. Things were especially crazy this morning because there was election training in the community center, which meant no parking. Lots of hot and tired moms and kids trekking over from several blocks. At least the weather was nice. Then I realized that the circle die cut I had bought specifically for tomorrow's storytime hadn't even shipped yet, so I'd have to cut them by hand. Sigh. Ha, used our O die cut instead - it cuts a circle and a smaller circle within. Kind of a waste, but whatever. Webinar with other ys librarians talking about summer. Put out publicity in library. Stared at massive amount of stuff on desk. Suddenly remembered I told the 2nd graders coming tomorrow we would be doing ducks. Cut out a gazillion ducks.

Wednesday - Soon, please, I will have no more 3-program days! Preschool Interactive in the morning, smaller group of about 25 people. PI is really up and down as the weather gets nicer. Some days we have 45, some days 25. So far I have always had at least 10 kids which is kind of the "ideal number" we decided on. I am concerned though about the overcrowding of our toddler storytimes - many of the 3 year olds could really attend preschool interactive. But how to convince the parents to move to a different storytime? Looks like it's time for another campaign. I did this last summer and it was exhausting but it paid off. *girds loins*
Second grade class came at 1 - enthusiastic, excited, and hot! I talked to them about how we arrange books by Dewey Decimal and in fiction, they picked two books, and then they decorated ducks (and we discussed the meaning of the word "flock")
Then Lego Club. It was hot. No more need be said.
Ooooh, I could do the eggs on skewers!

Thursday I would like to get my hands on the kid who returned the middle school's copy of Harry Potter to us. I had to lug that sucker all the way over to the school's office and it was HOT. Elephant and Piggie Kids' Club. I am basically just grabbing stacks of books to read -  most of the kids don't show up until it's craft time anyways. We:

  • read Listen to my trumpet! by Mo Willems
  • read Easter Egg by Jan Brett (fell rather flat, as holiday books tend to imo)
  • read Senorita Gordita by Helen Ketteman (loved it!)
  • read The loopy coop hens by Janet Stoeke
  • read North: the amazing story of Arctic migration by Nick Dowson (they were wiggly by that point)
  • I don't know how I could have less than 10 kids but use up 11 snakes to paint. I told them to only do one, but I'm betting some couldn't resist
  • and played in the puppet theater
It was a long evening, esp. since I had nothing to eat but a late breakfast and some crackers today.

Friday Pretty slow day, drizzly and cool.

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