Saturday, September 22, 2012

This week at the library; or, Reaching out for outreach

First and foremost...CYBILS!!!! Yay! Happy penguin dances for EVERYBODY!! Even if you were not selected (this year! there's always next year!) Cybils depends on the massive power of the kidlitosphere to keep going and to do our thing. Start thinking about nominations - I know I've got my suggestion list waiting for September 30!

I'm organizing for Non-Fiction Picture Books this year, but I'm panelling (is that a word?) for Graphic Novels Round 1. So, those of you who remember that the Cybils icon links to my reviews, don't be shocked if it goes to graphic novels and not non-fiction. I will probably do a round-up post at some point of all the Cybils nominations I've reviewed...or something like that. Still thinking about it.

  • Preschool Interactive, Wednesday at 10. Having done the obligatory fall storytime, I am now free to return to my true interests and we did alligators! Yay alligators! I tried out the new set up of our storytime room (which I used in We Explore) and it worked great, got all the kids that have been sitting at the back of the room, leaving an expanse of storytime rug between us, to scoot up. Realized I have a whole new batch of parents to educate about "process art".
  • Messy Art Club, Thursday 3:30-5 I've been wanting to do a program based on Erica Perl's Dotty for a long time and this is what I finally came up with. I described it as "back to school with Dotty" or "make your own 3-D imaginary friend sculpture". I still think paper mache would be cool, but have not figured out a way to do this that isn't horribly time-consuming. Simultaneous sessions aren't workable, b/c the same people never show up twice in a row.
  • We Explore Colors, Friday at 10 After 50 people showed up last week (which was good, but crowded - I'm aiming for 40 and still trying to get the registration system to give me this number) I realized that paint+small crowded room=NOT GOOD. Fortunately, the large community room was available (Parks and Rec owns it and we try to work out an equitable balance. It's delicate.). Or so I thought. Realized the day after I'd booked it that a different library program was already booked in there. Not Cool, Parks and Rec, Not Cool. Happily, we were able to move that program to another room. This is the first time I've done a storytime program in this room since some storytelling programs the first summer I came (which I'm trying to forget) and a special outreach storytime I did for 50+ preschool kids last year. I set up the room with tables for the paint at one end and a fairly tight circle of chairs to contain the kids at the other end. About 40 came, which was just what I wanted. Still trying to get a feel for this group. (it's only the second program! Must. Relax.)
Random Commentary
  • Alas for my good resolutions, the first teacher that called asking for a school visit I scheduled at a time NOT in my outreach times. Oh well. But tour/storytime/crafts are different, since they don't really require any prep, just a little additional throat-usage and some die-cutting. The specific outreach times were just for off-site visits. Really.
  • I'm really going to do it - I'm going to add another after school club, a STEM-themed one. Maybe in fall 2013? Now it's time to mull it over until it gells...
  • After much thought and anguish, I have decide to bow to the inevitable and go with Baker and Taylor. However, I insisted on maintaining the right to complain about their interface. Frequently. And I'm sending all my orders for the rest of the year through BWI now, so I don't have to actually touch Baker and Taylor until January.
  • Have accepted with a feeling of despair that at no point will the publicity ever be over. Realized I need additional flyers for We Explore. Guuuhhhhh.
  • Latest nonfiction lunch reading was awesome.
  • As I posted on facebook I foresee the movement of a great many tables in my near future. I've moved tables every day and twice on Thursday! I need lighter tables.
  • Oh, yeah, we had a youth services meeting. Various things were discussed. I was happy to host, as it meant I didn't have to go from daycare to elementary school to systems office, just daycare, elementary, back to work. It was almost 3 hours long, but we had a lot to catch up on after the summer.
  • Yay! My fave preschool/4k called me up to ask if I can start up our remote collection with them again. I always freak out if people don't get back to me - did I send them a book they didn't like? Do they HATE ME and just aren't telling me?
Approximate Hours this week
  • Monday 11:30-4:30 (b/c of the 11 hour day I worked last week and I switched evenings with the director)
  • Tuesday 11:30-8
  • Wednesday 8:45-5:15
  • Thursday 9:30-6:00
  • Friday 8:30-5
  • Yay, once again I had lunch EVERY DAY. That is my new resolution.

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