Saturday, February 16, 2013

This week at the library; or, MORE snow??

  • Coffee, Kids and Conversation (Pattie)
  • Tiny Tots (Pattie)
  • Toddlers 'n' Books (2 sessions, Pattie)
  • Preschool Interactive
  • Books 'n' Babies (Pattie)
  • Messy Art Club
  • We Explore Stories that sing with Smitty and Mary G.
Random Commentary
  • Ok, so last week actually didn't end that badly. On Friday I got to weed the teen graphic novels and nonfiction and I got rid of a LOT of stuff that has been here forever. I'll replace a lot of the icky comics, but I also moved a bunch of stuff to the adult area (yes, it's still circ'ing, but I'm pretty sure it's adults reading it).
  • Monday began with more snow. I'm...getting a little tired of snow.
  • On Tuesday I traveled to the far frontiers of Racine to use their die cuts. Then I spent most of the night in company with ibuprofen. Reminder to self - do not cut with dies for two hours without stopping to stretch your back!
  • Wednesday - all my Preschool Interactive folks came back plus more. Yay! I also participated in a webinar on school and library collaboration. I would like to do more with the schools, but lack of time on both sides is a barrier. I really wish I had time to visit ALL the kindergarten classes, instead of only one at one school.
  • Friday was the last day of our adult services librarian. I am happy that she is moving on to an awesome job that sounds like a perfect fit for her...but oh, the pain she leaves behind! WHY did I say I would do the March/April newsletter? Oh, yeah, because there was NO ONE ELSE. This is what it means to be understaffed - you are poised on the edge and if one person gets sick or leaves, the whole structure crumbles with a resounding crash. In addition to the newsletter I have programs to plan, multiple outreach visits next week, kindergarten registration (still haven't made up a flyer to take to that), two big Dr. Seuss and Clifford programs coming up, I never finished that high lexile list people are waiting for - still in the E's - or updated the school handout on puberty books and that unit is coming up. Then I have the plans to promote the teen collection, displays to update, registration systems to review and make a recommendation, and SUMMER.
  • We Explore was a fun little musical program with two experienced music teachers, one local, one from Chicago. I used money from the VIP Aktion Club ($100) to fund this. I brought over the kindergarten classes from the closest elementary school, who are very handy if I don't think I've got enough attendance to justify a performer. We had about 20 small kids and parents, 80 odd kindergarteners, and 10 parents, teachers, and assorted friends. The kids enjoyed singing songs about crocodiles and doing the Apple Twist!
  • I'm also working on weeding the YA fiction. It's a rather difficult process. On the one hand, our space is limited and circulation is not increasing - to me, this means WEED. On the other hand, what about titles that are integral to the collection but...should I keep Susan Cooper when she hasn't circulated in 3-4 years? What about the entire oevre of Caroline Cooney, most of them haven't gone out for 2 or more years. Do I buy new copies with shinier covers? Do we really need duplicates of all Meg Cabot's books (my director thinks yes, I think no). Should we have a copy of Fahrenheit 451 in the teen collection when it's not circulating and there are other copies in the library? What about Newbery Honors? Do we keep everything with a shiny sticker? What about books I bought 3-4 years ago that...are duds?
  • The less said about Saturday the better. ARGH.

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