Saturday, October 12, 2013

This week at the library; or, It's really fall! It's time for school visits!

Random Commentary
  • I was out on Monday for vacation, so I found my desk well-piled when I returned on Tuesday. I'm working on several big collection development projects as well as planning programs, etc.
  • Wednesday was school visit and program day. I am a little exasperated that now that I have invited a preschool to join us two mornings a month, everyone has apparently decided that Preschool Interactive is THE place to be, and I am ending up with huge groups. I can't win. I am going to rearrange the room next week when the preschool comes for the first of their October visits and see if I can't make everybody happy.
  • Thursday...I DELEGATED. I left my aide to clean up and went home. I have also arranged to turn over the teen fiction collection development to our cataloger starting next year. I feel and supervisory.
  • The block party is a beautifully easy thing, I don't have to do anything. Our university extension has a giant room set up with 5,000 blocks. I reserve a time. They send me flyers. I bring over everyone who comes to the library and we play with blocks for an hour. I take pictures. Yay! We had over 50 people this year - it was crowded, but everyone had fun.

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