Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mapping my day by Julie Dillemuth, illustrated by Laura Wood

I get requests for map books for young kids several times a year. So far I've only had one book to hand them - Follow that map! by Scot Ritchie - but now I have a second, excellent title.

Flora, a perky biracial girl, loves to draw and illustrates the activities of her day with maps and other spatial activities. From figuring out the direction of the sun rising in the morning, to a treasure map finding her secret stash in the yard, to creating an obstacle course, kids will learn along with Flora's fun day.

The illustrations are simple and sweet, with clear graphs and maps that do a good job illustrating the different concepts as well as fun drawings of curly-headed Flora, her fluffy sheepdog, and her family.

Back matter includes a note to adults with activities and suggestions for interacting with the story and kids. It also explains some of the vocabulary used, although it's also explained in the story. There are several activities with links to download and print them online.

I usually purchase Magination Press titles for my parenting section, as they are usually issue books. They're good issue books, but not the kind of thing I'd read in a storytime. This title, and some others they've done recently, are shifting more towards narratives with a purpose. This title still wouldn't work as a storytime selection, unless you have an older group, but it's perfect for a lesson or activity on mapping.

Verdict: A unique title that fills a niche; I also appreciated the diverse family pictured. With simple text and cheerful pictures, plus all the activities, this book is all you need for a science activity, lesson, or program on mapping.

ISBN: 9781433823336; Published 2017 by Magination Press; Review copy provided by publisher; Donated to library

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