Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Small Readers: Noodleheads see the future by Tedd Arnold, Martha Hamilton, and Mitch Weiss; illustrated by Tedd Arnold

I recommended Noodlehead Nightmares, the first book in this series, last year and then didn't think much of it again (other than eventually purchasing a copy for the library). Then in November of 2017 I pulled the first book for a book club pick. As soon as I said "the author of Fly Guy" there was an immediate rush and the kids were fighting over the Noodleheads! Reluctant readers were giggling over it, and sad faces were shown me when I ran out of copies. I've since ordered more copies and am looking forward to sharing the sequel with these eager readers.

The Noodleheads return in this second book and they're ready to help! First, they try to help Uncle Ziti build a wall. But they can't get their hands off to give him a hand, and when he tells them it's a piece of cake they set of in search of cake. When they discover their mother looking into the future and picturing a garden, the two decide to help her with her garden so they can get some cake. But "digging a garden is hard work!" so they decide to collect firewood instead. While in the woods, they run into their friend Meatball who turns out to be able to see the future! Or is he just after their firewood? Fortunately, he's a good guy in the end and gives them some acorns to grow their own firewood. Meatball is such a good friend, even if he can't see the future! Or can he? Fortunately, it all ends with delicious cake.

Arnold's trademark illustrations, featuring bulgy eyes, humorous characters, and a cracked pattern in the backgrounds (like Alison Jay's work - I don't know what the technique is called, but it looks cool) will quickly grab the attention of Fly Guy fans. The integration of fool stories from around the world (sources in the back) shows that these tales are just as funny now as they were when they were first told and a whole new generation will enjoy practicing their reading with some silly noodleheads.

Verdict: I'm going to buy some additional copies to meet the need, now that the kids have discovered how much fun these Noodleheads can be.

ISBN: 9780823436736; Published 2017 by Holiday House; Purchased for the library

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