Saturday, October 13, 2018

This week at the library; or, October

My office, glimpsed dimly in the distance, after Tuesday's
cardboard program and before we put the spoils away
Happening at the library
Ugh. 80 degrees on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday spent all day (after storytime in the morning) working on the budget. I got one account absolutely even, one within six cents (and that's good enough) and the third I am just guessing. For the fort night on Friday (not Fortnite, as I must have explained a million times) I told people to bring flashlights and blankets and they could hang out in the library with their kids after we closed at 6 until 8pm. A local mom came in and did bedtime yoga at 6:30, some of the 4K teachers and my colleague from the school brought in snacks and helped out, and I had a bunch of glow sticks I bought on clearance. The legos were still up from Free Lego Build and I brought out the building things from our school-age maker space. It was a relatively easy program and people really enjoyed it - we had about 50. I also had some extra sheets and lengths of cloth for those who forgot to bring blankets.

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