Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby: Finn's fun trucks: The Construction Crew by Finn Coyle, illustrated by Srimalie Bassani

So many sections to update! But I have made a start on updating the board books, which I hope to continue this year. This is one of the new titles I purchased from Flowerpot Press - their books are generally sturdy and fun, but sometimes they have a few too many moving pieces.

The first spread introduces the construction crew - front and center is a black woman, a man on the left could be Hispanic or Asian, and of the other three white men one has dark hair and a mustache, one has red hair, and the third is balding with grey, curly hair. All wear orange hard hats and are a little pudgy around the middle!

The rest of the spreads include one member of the construction crew introducing a machine, "This is a cement mixer. Can you guess what it does?" on the opposite page you see the machine with some simple identifying captions, "mixing drum, chute, water tank". Lift the vehicle flap and you'll see the machine in action.

The last spread shows the whole crew and all the machines - lift the full-page flap and see a whole city under construction.

The flaps are full pages, made of sturdy cardboard. A little reinforcement on the hinge might be a good idea, otherwise I expect the book will last for many repeated readings and through the loving touches of many little hands!

Verdict: A fun addition to construction board books. Recommended.

ISBN: 9781486713875; Published March 2018 by Flowerpot Press; Purchased for the library

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