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RA RA READ: Books on specific issues

Some of these lists are outdated; I keep more current books on various childhood and caregiving issues on my library Pinterest board here.


I'm not really convinced that books make a difference in bullying, but I do get asked occasionally (usually for younger stuff, which is a different list) so I like to have a few things on hand.

  • EllRay Jakes (series) by Sally Warner
  • Invisible Inkling (series) by Emily Jenkins
  • Squish (series) by Jennifer Holm
Middle Grade
  • The Battle of Darcy Lane by Tara Altebrando
  • Max Quigley, technically not a bully by James Roy
  • Warp speed by Lisa Yee
Middle School and Teen
  • Hate List by Jennifer Brown
  • Shattering Glass by Gail Giles
  • Bystander by James Preller
  • Some girls are by Courtney Summers
  • Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass by Meg Medina
  • Period 8 by Chris Crutcher
  • Dealing with Emotions
    • When Sophie gets angry by Molly Bang
    • Jar of happiness by Ailsa Burrows
    • Llama llama mad at mama by Anna Dewdney
    • The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld
    • Taming of Lola by Ellen Weiss
  • Grief and Death - animals
    • Big cat, little cat by Elisha Cooper
    • City dog, country frog by Mo Willems
  • Separation Anxiety
    • Llama Llama misses mama by Anna Dewdney
    • Roly Poly Pangolin by Anna Dewdney
    • No more blanket for Lambkin by Bernette Ford
    • I want my pacifier by Tony Ross
    • No babysitters allowed by Amber Stewart
  • Bedtime Issues
    • Your own big bed by Rita Bergstein
      • Moving from a crib to a regular bed
    • Back to bed, Ed! By Sebastien Braun
      • Staying in bed
    • Llama Llama red pajama by Anna Dewdney
    • I don’t want to go to bed by Tony Ross
    • Jake stays awake by Michael Wright
  • Being Sick
    • Sniffles for Bear by Bonny Becker
    • Llama Llama home with mama by Anna Dewdney
    • Bear feels sick by Karma Wilson
  • Healthy Eating (Picky Eaters)
    • Monsters don’t eat broccoli by Barbara Hicks (out of print)
    • Bread and jam for Frances by Russell Hoban
    • Soup Day by Melissa Iwai
  • Moving
    • Before I leave by Jessixa Baxley
  • Potty training
    • Saddest toilet in the world by Sam Apple
    • Dinosaur vs. the potty by Bob Shea
  • Sharing and Playing Together
    • I’m the best by Lucy Cousins
    • Llama Llama time to share by Anna Dewdney
    • Tea party rules by Ame Dyckman
  • Bullying
    • Bully by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
    • Llama Llama and the Bully Goat by Anna Dewdney
    • Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully by Julianne Moore
    • Stand tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell
    • Dixie and the big bully by Grace Gilman
    • Trudy Ludwig (author)
  • Social Interactions
    • Plankton is pushy by Jonathan Fenske
    • Invisible boy by Trudy Ludwig
    • Kindergators: Hands off Harry by Rosemary Wells
    • Kindergators: Miracle Melts down by Rosemary Wells
  • Tolerance, diversity
    • There's a cat in our class by Jeanie Ransom
  • Allergies and food issues
    • Jake goes peanuts by Michael Wright
  • Biting
    • No more biting for Billy Goat by Bernadette Ford
    • Teeth are not for biting by Elizabeth Verdick
  • Children with physical disabilities
    • Snow rabbit by Camille Garoche
  • Lice and bedbugs
    • Barnaby the bedbug behavior by Catherine Stier
    • Bugs in my hair by David Shannon
  • Poverty and social issues
    • Bike like Sergio's by Maribeth Boelts
  • Vision issues
    • Pirate of kindergarten by George Lyon
    • I can see just fine by Eric Barclay


A patron requested books about blended families some time ago and I totally blanked. I did some searches, but found mostly adoption and/or divorce stories, nothing about remarriage and new siblings. Storytime Underground came to my rescue and I'm listing titles here for future use! I've added divorce titles as well, although there are many more than the ones I've listed here. I don't necessarily recommend all of these - many I haven't looked at - they're just a reference list.

  • We're having a Tuesday by DK Simoneau
  • Fred stays with me! by Nancy Coffelt
  • A day with Dad by Bo Holmberg
  • Mom and Dad don't live together anymore by Kathy Stinson
  • The most important thing by Rhonda Roth
  • I don't want to talk about it by Jeanie Ransom
  • Monday, Wednesday and every other weekend by Karen Stanton
  • There for you by Annette Aubrey
Remarriage and new siblings (i.e. blended families)
  • When Otis Courted Mama by Kathi Appelt
  • Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox by Brigitte Luciani (series)
  • My mom's wedding by Eve Bunting
  • Room for rabbit by Roni Schotter
  • My real family by Doris Sanford
  • Two's company by Amanda Benjamin
  • My mother's getting married by Joan Drescher
More titles not available in my consortium
  • Two homes for Tyler by Pamela Kennedy
  • Daddy's Roommate by Michael Willhoite
  • Dad and Pop: An ode to fathers and stepfathers by Kelly Bennett
  • Do you sing twinkle by Sandra Levins

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