Sunday, July 19, 2020

This week at the library; or, Week 18 of the pandemic

Pooh Collarette Dahlia - first year I've gotten them to bloom!

I am still tired. Our giveaways this week were cardboard box houses - and I had requests for more than the 25 we'd made before Saturday was even over, and then barely half the people picked them up. Sculpey clay kits, which were gone by 1pm on Monday!
  • Projects
    • Finished updating the maker kits
    • Finished the audiobook Pinterest board
    • Updating and organizing booktalking cards
    • Creating more activity pack and storytime bundle content
    • Creating storytime content for my colleague to use in the fall
  • Schedule
    • Monday
      • 8:30-5:30 at the library (I had to prep all the summer reading materials and giveaways as my regular staff were unavailable)
    • Tuesday
      • Work from home
    • Wednesday
      • Work from home
      • Consortium youth services meeting
    • Thursday
      • 9am managers' meeting
      • 12-8 at the library
    • Friday
      • Work from home
    • Saturday
      • 12-4 at the library (preparing for next week)


CMSavage6 said...

Do you have a blog (I might have missed) about what you are doing on your work from home days? I will be moving to a partial work from home schedule and I'm trying to find things (ideas) to show my director. I'm kind of the guinea pig for this project.

Jennifer said...

Noooo, I think I have enough blogs lol. Most of the projects I list are done at home. These are all things I work on at home:
- take home bags, storytime bundles, etc.
- collection development
- planning

I have remote access to our catalog (sirsi) although it's a bit wonky and our reports software for collection development and I've got pretty much everything I need on google drive.

Jennifer said...

well the formatting on that came up weird!