Sunday, September 13, 2020

This week at the library; or, New beginnings

Nothing to do with the week
just a book I bought for myself and
finally found time to read while I 
was on vacation.

We were closed for the holiday on Monday and school resumed on Tuesday the 8th, as well as our new hours. A regular schedule will be nice - I will be working our only evening hours on Monday, as we'll be closing at 6 the rest of the week.

I started our new virtual program schedule as well. Every week families can pick up a storytime craft (while supplies last), themed storytime bundle, and at least one activity pack. Our theme this week was Healthy Eating and my school colleague, Ms. Pattie, and I have almost all the September virtual programs recorded. 

This gives us a storytime on Tuesday morning with Ms. Pattie, some kind of story or post Tuesday afternoon (usually by me), evening storytime (mostly Ms. Pattie, some with me), and a story for school-age kids on Friday morning (me). I also scheduled a music/movement activity on Thursday morning; I've got a recording of a jump rope workout from one staff member that I've reposted and several active stories and Ms. Pattie will be adding some. Then we have a booktalk with the teen associate on Friday afternoon and an unboxing video Friday evening, as long as they last. I post these on Facebook, but I also send links out to our virtual news subscribers. They're posted on a closed platform, so people can't find them just randomly on the internet.

Other projects worked on this week:

  • Virtual and outdoor programs for September/October
  • Planning for Wisconsin Science Festival
  • Working on grants
  • Materials and resources for teachers
  • Managers' meeting
Webinar: Disney Publishing Worldwide Preview (Booklist)

  • Monday - closed for holiday
  • Tuesday - PTO
  • Wednesday - Managers' meeting
  • Thursday - Work from home, webinar
  • Friday - YS desk
  • Worked 25 hours; 8 hours remote; 10 hours on desk

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