Monday, January 24, 2022

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby: Thank you farm; Thank you tree

 These two board books, by different authors and illustrators, are both published by Storey. They're informational; not exactly nonfiction, but not quite fiction either. Thank you, farm celebrates the many foods that come from farms, from grapes to milk, eggs, to wheat. It ends with a plentifully stocked table and a final "Thank you, FARM./Thank you, FARMERS!" It does not include any meat. Chickens provide eggs, cows provide milk, sheep provide wool.

Thank you, tree is more fictional, thanking trees for shade, leaves, and syrup and ending with a labelled picture of all the trees included in the book. Both titles include a little seek-and-find activity. A small mouse shows up on each page of the farm title and a plump chipmunk in the tree title. Both show a fairly diverse group of children, as far as skin color.

The illustrators provide colorful, simple watercolors. The perspective in the tree title is odd; the chipmunk often looks as big, or bigger than, a squirrel. I prefer the brighter colors and cleaner lines of the farm title.

Overall, these are simple titles that will be a good fit for storytime or reading aloud with toddlers and talking about appreciating things as well as what comes from a farm and what we see outdoors.

Verdict: Additional purchases, more likely to circulate where farm and outdoor-themed titles are popular. Purchased for my library.

Thank you, farm by Mia Lumsden, illustrated by Jade Orlando
ISBN: 9781635863949; Published October 2021 by Storey

Thank you, tree by Hannah Fries, illustrated by Fiona Lee
ISBN: 9781635864267; Published October 2021 by Storey

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