Sunday, May 28, 2023

In short, I am busy: 3rd grade field trip

This field trip works with a large group, a full grade, as long as you have sufficient staff. There are three stations or activity sets:

  • Library - presentation and continuous drawing - 1 staff to run, staff to recover table between groups.
    • two-three tables in a long row, covered with white paper
    • colored pencils - lots of backups
    • bell
    • Books - I can only draw worms by Will Mabbitt, The Panda Problem by Deborah Underwood
  • Wisconsin street entrance - art/games - 1 staff to run
    • sweep and mark out the area with chalk
    • tempera paint and jumbo brushes - more than you think you will need
    • water etc. to clean hands
  • Family garden - 1 staff to run, 1 staff to help, 1 staff to walk kids to next destination
    • hula hoops, obstacle course activities, water toys, bubbles

Sample schedule and how the groups move

(1:15-1:35) 1-1:20
 - Group 1 Ms. Jennifer, Storyroom
 - Group 2 Ms. Andrea, WI st entrance
 - Group 3 Ms. Jessica, Family garden (Jackson through storyroom, West Side around corner of building)

(1:35-1:50) 1:20-1:40
 - Group 1 Ms. Jessica, Family garden (accessed through Storyroom)
 - Group 2 Ms. Jennifer, Storyroom
 - Group 3 Ms. Andrea, WI st entrance (walk around corner of building)

(1:50-2:10) 1:40-2
 - Group 1 Ms. Andrea, WI st entrance (walk around corner of building)
 - Group 2 Ms. Jessica, Family garden (accessed through Storyroom)
 - Group 3 Ms. Jennifer, Storyroom

Notes from 2019
  • It's easiest to have all the outdoor activities available and then teachers can say if they're up for painting or not. One of my associates runs the outdoor portion and I think they draw hopscotch or other games or something. This year I added the option for checkout, if they had a library card, but it's too chaotic. The main drawback of this program is that if the weather doesn't cooperate it does not translate at all well to being moved to the school. If I have to move to a school again in future, I will do continuous drawing by giving each kid a piece of paper and a colored pencil and then having them hand it to the kid on their right when the bell pings and will not try to do checkout.

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