Friday, April 1, 2022

In short, I am busy: Frogs

Flannelboards, manipulatives, and storytelling
Rhymes, Songs, and Movement
Vocabulary and Concepts
  • Amphibian, cold-blooded, oviparous
  • Self-regulation, anticipating narratives
Toddler listeners (*nonfiction)
Preschooler listeners (*nonfiction)
  • *Being frog by April Pulley Sayre
  • Frog and Fly by Jeff Mack
  • No frogs in school by A. LaFaye
  • I don't want to be a frog by Dev Petty
  • *Fabulous Frogs by Martin Jenkins
  • Pokko and the drum by Matthew Forsythe
  • That's mine! by Michel Van Zeveren
School-age stories (*nonfiction)
  • Frog with the big mouth by Teresa Bateman
  • Ribbit by Rodrigo Folgueira
  • *Frog Song by Brenda Guiberson

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