Thursday, June 23, 2022

In short, I am busy: Maker Workshop: Beading


  • Beading pliers (3 basic types)
  • Scissors
  • Beads, pendants
  • Crimps, clasps, wire
  • Misc. findings
  • Twisteez
  • pony beads, pipe cleaners
  • felt for work spaces
I collected supplies from our beading maker kits and also occasionally order more supplies from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Inc.

  • I had two small tables for little kids to work at with pony beads, large plastic buttons, some big foam buttons, pipe cleaners, yarn, and suction cups (for suncatchers)
  • 1 large table held all the supplies, two large tables were for adults and big kids to work at, and I set up at one table to instruct/help people.
  • I explain that I have limited supplies and if they want to do something really specific they should go to a beading store to get the exact requirements. That being said, I need to get headpins with much broader heads and we used up all the lobster clasps.
  • 2-23-22
    • Attendance: 12
    • Notes: I had about half adults at this session and most of them just needed a little help on projects they had in mind. Most of the adults and kids were mostly interested in using the lampwork and large beads/pendants I'd gotten to make very simple jewelry.

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